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The best type of Exercise!

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

With spring just beginning, and summer just around the corner, droves of people will be getting ready to shed their winter kilos. Now whilst you may know your muse in regards to exercise choice, many of the local Chiropractors nearest you, will get asked the same question. What is the best kind of exercise? Should I be sweating it up in the local gym and doing weights training to lose weight? How about hitting the bitumen and jogging 10km? Maybe I should be doing HIIIT training? Now the answer to this question can be complicated, but can also be dependent on your health goals. So let us a delve a little bitter into the best kind of exercise.

Firstly, it would be beneficial four us to point out that you do not have to pick one type of exercise. It is always beneficial to various different types of exercise. Your goal will guide you to what training is best for you, however this does not mean that you only do one method of training. Also, if you have a sports injury or any other condition treated by your Perth Chiropractor, this could also affect your decision, to what is the best kind of exercise.

From what you can see below, we will only scratch the surface of the options for the best type of exercise. All types of exercise will have differing benefits, and affect the body differently. So lets have a look at the 2 main contenders.

Cardio Training

This type of exercise can come in many forms, with it's main one being running. However this can be performed with swimming, cycling or even rowing. Cardio is highly effective for improving cardiovascular health, as well as improving lung capacity. A couple of other benefits that would be expected is decreasing blood pressure, as well as body fat percentage.

Resistance training

Now you may read the above and assume that resistance training isn't as effective for decreasing body fat percentage. However depending the research you read, it could be as effective, if not better. This is because resistance training can be extremely affective in increasing resting metabolism, as this study suggests. Besides this, other benefits of resistance training can be improving strength, bone density, as well as mood and hormone function.

So you can guess which is the best kind of exercise? Well we can stop stalling now. Do you want to know what the best type of exercise is? The best type of exercise is the one you enjoy. Because if you enjoy it, you'll keep doing it. Our Perth Chiropractors are frequently met with patients that resist exercise because they do not like any of these traditional options. Our Perth Chiropractors have had patients have substantial increases in physical activity, whilst choosing obscure exercise types. Some included badminton, rock climbing and even diving.

Now if this still doesn't clear up any questions you have in regards to your exercise regime, the local Chiropractor near you is always happy to help. Whilst our Chiropractors service Harrisdale, Piara Waters, Canning Vale, Southern River, Treeby and Oakford. We are always happy to refer a Perth Chiropractor near you.

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