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Chiropractor for Hip Pain

Hip Pain is one of the most frequent conditions our Perth Chiropractors see at Harrisdale Chiropractic.

When you experience hip pain, it can vary in the type of pain you have. This can range from a dull ache, to sharp pain, or even clicking. Regardless of the type of hip pain you experience, it is important to consult with your Perth Chiropractor to diagnose the origin of your hip pain and decide the best course of action. 

The location of your hip pain can give your Perth Chiropractor a good idea as to which underlying structures may be irritated or injured. Along with this location your Perth Chiropractor will want to know about any symptoms that accompany. This could include lower back pain, pain / numbness down one or both your legs, or other symptoms that not traditionally musculoskeletal symptoms.

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Exercises for Hip Pain


When you consult with our Perth Chiropractors for hip pain, along with hands on treatment they will be able to give some take home tips to avoid hip pain returning. Generally they would offer you a combination of hip pain stretches in addition to some hip pain exercises. If you would like to know more about our prescribed hip pain stretches or hip pain exercises, make an appointment with Perth Chiropractors in Harrisdale.

Hip Pain Treatment

When you consult with our Perth Chiropractors for hip pain, the Chiropractic treatment relies on identifying the cause of your hip pain. Once our Perth Chiropractors have done this, they are able able to utilise any combination of soft tissue techniques, which could include dry needling or myofascial cupping. In addition to this they may decide to include Chiropractic joint manipulations and/or injury rehabilitation exercises. The combination of the above therapies utilised to to treat hip pain will again rely on the origin of your hip pain. 

Hip Pain Causes

The hip structure is a large and extensive joint, however generally people that consult with our Perth Chiropractors for Hip Pain, will experience hip pain in either the front, side or back of the hip.

Hip Pain originating in the front area of the hip can be caused by various problems. The most common causes of hip pain in this region can be linked to muscle strains or joint sprains. There are numerous muscles that are located within and attach around this region of the hip. To determine the specific structures involved, when consulting with our Perth Chiropractors for hip pain, they will have to perform a thorough physical examination.  With this type of hip pain it would be likely our Perth Chiropractors would find pain with movement, swelling and stiffness. 

Hip Pain originating in the back area of the hip can also occur due to a large number of potential causes. It is quite common for pain in this region to also be associated with muscular strains, and or joint sprains. However the mechanism of these strains and sprains is likely to be participating in certain physical activities without preparation. The common structures that become irritated within this region are the sacroiliac joints, and the Piriformis muscles. Generally the movements will upset these structures are frequent lifting, bending, or prolonged sitting. Again when you consult with our Perth Chiropractors for hip pain in this region, they will perform a thorough physical examination to determine if these structures are involved in your hip pain. 

The last area of the hip that may see you consult with our Perth Chiropractors for hip pain, is the side of the hip. This area is generally the most common area to to experience hip pain, and generally there is only two common diagnosis for this area. Generally if you experience pain in this area you will be diagnosed with Gluteal Tendinopathy or Hip Bursitis. Both of these hip pain diagnosis fall under the over-arching diagnosis of Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome. 

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