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Dr. Rhys


 Perth Chiropractor 

Dr. Rhys strongly believes that chiropractic care is best when a combination of treatment modalities is considered, ranging from soft tissue work to joint manipulation, and from lifestyle factors to strength and conditioning. Dr. Rhys will employ this multi-faceted approach to realise your healthcare goals.

Having an interest in Chiropractic work from a young age has motivated Dr. Rhys to become an enthusiastic health care clinician. Outside of Chiropractic, Rhys enjoys spending time with his young family, and understands that life is too important to let pain get in the way. He has played sports ever since he was little, typically basketball, however also participating in football and golf. Whether its headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, or any other musculoskeletal disorder, the friendly and ever ready Dr. Rhys is here to help!

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