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Dr. Dan


 Perth Chiropractor 

Dr. Dan is the Principal Chiropractor and Clinic Director at Harrisdale Chiropractic. He has operated the clinic since it's inception in 2018, and has strongly enjoyed treating the residents of Harrisdale, Piara Waters and all the surrounding suburbs. 

As Dr. Dan believes that treatment for any condition is multifactorial, he has a strong interest in Nutrition, Exercise, Strength and Conditioning. His main passion lies with assisting athletes and amateur sports people reach their full potential. Whether you be a future star of your chosen sport or a weekend warrior, Dr Dan is your practitioner of choice. Due to his interest in helping sports people grow,  Harrisdale Chiropractic sponsors multiple football teams in the area. There are plans for the Harrisdale Chiropractic athletic sponsorship program to expand and include other sporting codes.

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