Chiropractic Treatment For
Disc Bulges

Perth Chiropractors are regularly presented with patients experiencing both neck pain and back pain. Whilst the majority of neck pain and back pain can be easily treated with Chiropractic intervention, some cases of neck pain and back pain may need more extensive treatment.

Often when patients have severe back pain or neck pain they are concerned they may have a bulging disc or slipped disc. Clinically the condition that these terms are referring to is Disc Herniation. As with all back pain and neck pain, Disc Herniations come in varying severities. It also important to remember that some instances of Disc Herniations can be due to the natural ageing process. 

It is important to consult with the Perth Chiropractor near you when you develop back pain and neck pain. Your Perth Chiropractor will be able to examine your back pain, and offer the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Symptoms of Disc Bulges

Whilst back pain and neck pain can have varying symptoms, it is important to know which symptoms may be more sever than others. If your back pain is originating from a disc herniation, you firstly notice that you have most likely developed a restriction on movement in the back or neck, depending on the area of discomfort. In combination to this, there a few other symptoms to be on the look out for if you have back pain or neck pain;

  • Pain down your legs and/or arms beginning in your back or neck and radiating down to your toes and fingers

  • Numbness or tingling into the arms and/or legs that radiates down to your toes and/or fingers

  • Weakness in your legs and/or arms

If any of the above symptoms accompany your neck pain or back pain, it is important to consult with the Perth Chiropractor near you. Dependent on the combination and presentation of your symptoms, it can be indicative of a more severe Disc Herniation. Your Perth Chiropractor will be able to perform a Neurological Examination to to assist in determining the extent of your back pain. 

Whilst symptoms of Disc Herniations can be quite severe, much of the Perth population can have Disc Herniations that are asymptomatic. For this reason, just because your scan shows you have a disc bulge, this does not mean it is the origin of your back pain or neck pain. If the origin of your back pain or neck pain is incorrectly diagnosed it can lead to prolonged symptoms. 


Causes of Disc Bulges

Your Intervertebral Discs are made of two components, an inner gelatinous nucleus pulposus and a strong outer ligamentous ring, the annulus fibrosus. These two components work together to evenly distribute force throughout the disc. Back pain or neck pain deriving from a Disc Herniation can develop when arise when the inner gelatinous component of the disc breaks through the strong outer ring. As the extent of the herniation increase, it becomes increasingly likely for compression of spinal nerves to occur. If this compression is occur, it is likely that your back pain or neck pain will be accompanied with pain/numbness/tingling in your arms or legs. 

Dependent on where patients experience pain or altered sensation in the arms and legs can also tell your Perth Chiropractor a lot about the origin of your back pain or neck pain, allows them to the assess the appropriate course of action. This is important as there are several diagnostic categories that encompass disc bulges. with varying levels of severity. These categories include disc bulge, disc protrusion, disc extrusion and disc sequestration. Dependent on which diagnostic category your back pain or neck pain fits in, will alter the course of action decided by your Perth Chiropractor. 

Whilst there are no direct causes of Disc Herniations, there are factors that can increase your likelihood of experiencing a symptomatic disc hernation, and the sequential neck pain or back pain. Some of the factors include;

  • Poor current health status

  • Increasing body weight

  • Decreased levels of physical activity

  • Physical Deconditioning

  • Poor Nutrition and lifestyle choices

  • Frequent heavy lifting with rotation

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents


Treatment For Disc Bulges

Back pain and neck pain, even those episodes involving disc herniations can be managed and treated using a range of techniques. The techniques utilised by your Perth Chiropractor will be dependent on a few factors. This will include, patient preference, practitioner preference, severity of disc herniation, patient comorbidities and other factors that may affect the outcome of your back pain or neck pain.


Some of the techniques used by our Chiropractors for the treating the symptoms associated of disc herniations could include Chiropractic Adjustments. Soft Tissues Therapies, Spinal Traction, Dry Needing, Neuromobilisation, Rehab Exercises and Lifestyle Advice. This list is not all inclusive and treatment for your back pain or neck pain may vary. Please fee free to contact the Perth Chiropractor near you to discuss any queries may have in regards treating your back pain or neck pain.