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Dr. Nathan


 Perth Chiropractor 

Dr Nathan has grown up with a particular interest in understanding the mechanics of the human body and this interest led him towards the Chiropractic profession. Dr Nathan’s main goal as a Chiropractor is to ensure that his client’s bodies can function at their full potential, and he believes that Chiropractic care can do this using many different modalities ranging from joint manipulation, soft tissue work, rehabilitation, and dry needling.  

Growing up in Perth, Dr Nathan spent lots of time competing and training for Rugby, Surf Life Saving and Cycling, and dealing with the inevitable injuries that arose as a result. His sporting background has led to an increased knowledge of sports related mechanical injuries and a better understanding about the prevention and treatment of such ailments in both sportsmen and women.

Dr Nathan has a firm belief in encouraging his patients of all ages and backgrounds to be active throughout treatment, as well as providing them with the right knowledge and tools to ensure a pain free and high quality of life.

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