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Since 2018 Harrisdale Chiropractic have been the Trusted Perth Chiropractors for the residents of Harrisdale, Piara Waters, Canning Vale and surrounding suburbs. Many have chosen Harrisdale Chiropractic as their preferred Canning Vale Chiropractic Clinic, as the clinic ist just around the corner for many Canning Vale residents.

The Canning Vale Chiropractors at Harrisdale Chiropractic pride themselves on finding the origin to your pain and discomfort, as well as providing each patient with individual tailored treatment options. Each treatment provided to you is of an evidenced based nature and is here to assist you in reaching your health goals.

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Our experienced Canning Vale Chiropractors are Primary Healthcare Professionals, who focus of identifying conditions of the Neuro-musculoskeletal System, and treating them. Whilst there is an assumption that Chiropractors only treat the spine, many Chiropractors regularly and successfully treat musculoskeletal conditions outside of the spine.  

Our Canning Vale Chiropractors have completed 5 years tertiary Chiropractic education, which involves an undergraduate and/or masters-level university qualification. Once completed all Australian registered Chiropractors are required to complete continuing education to maintain their registration with AHPRA.

On the most part our Canning Vale Chiropractors will provide hands on care for treatment of the Musculoskeletal Conditions they diagnose. This can be in the form Chiropractic Adjustments, Soft Tissue Therapies and Electrotherapy's. However, our experienced Canning Vale Chiropractors provide a therapeutic approach to care, and utilise a range of treatment techniques to optimise treatment outcomes. This approach will see your experienced Canning Vale Chiropractor provide a combination of therapies, which can include both passive and active therapies. If you are experiencing back painneck painheadaches, migraines, nerve pain or any other musculoskeletal condition, it is best to book in with the experienced Canning Vale Chiropractor near you.


Canning Vale Chiropractor

Our Canning Vale Chiropractic Clinic is open for a range of convenient hours. We offer early morning as well as late evening appointments, as we understand how busy life can be. Even better, our reception is loaded with plants, has tunes playing and sports on the big screen. 

Our modern vibrant clinic is located in the heart of Harrisdale, at the Stockland Harrisdale Shopping Centre. We generally assist people living within Harrisdale, Piara Waters, Southern River, Canning Vale and Treeby, however we have many patients that travel far and wide to see our Perth Chiropractors.


As well Chiropractic, our clinic offers a range of professional healthcare services. Having a range of services on offer allows our clients to choose different treatment options for their health solution. Whilst Chiropractic is the main service offered by our experienced Chiropractors, we believe a multi-modal approach is the best solution to improving your health. Many of our Canning Vale Chiropractic clients also enjoy consulting with our Canning Vale Massage team. 


Chiropractic Canning Vale

Do you want to consult with one of our Canning Vale Chiropractors, but do not live in Canning Vale? Fortunately we have a couple of other clinic locations. In the northern suburbs of Perth our alternate locations include Brabham Chiropractic and Landsdale Chiropractic. 

On top on having a choice of which location you see us, we also have a choice of Perth Chiropactors in each of our Perth Chiropractic Clinics. Our Canning Vale Chiropractors at Harrisdale Chiropractor have a range of skills and experiences. 


For example, if your kids need Chiropractic, the best Canning Vale Chiropractor to see would be Dr Sara. The best Canning Vale Chiropractor for pregnancy Chiropractic is also Dr Sara. On the other hand however if you are keen amateur sports person, the best Canning Vale Chiropractor would be Dr Dan

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